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Youtuber Makes Rod & Spinning Reel Completely Out Of Sticks In Forest

Author: Bullbuster Team

Swedish Outdoorsmen Has Mastered His Outdoor Craft 

This is one of the best Youtube Channels we have come across.  Youtuber "Swedwoods" works in silence on a number of surival projects in the wilderness.  Most episodes feature a camping trip where Swedwoods builds a campsite with rudimentary tools. The silence brings a kind of power to each action that he takes. 

Swedwoods Spinning Rod & Reel Out Of Sticks With Simple Tools

The video below is amazing, you will want to watch it a few times.  You really are going to need to know the consistency of every type of wood in the forest you are working in to actually pull something off close to what is in this video. 

Its amazing to see sap used as glue, to see more plyable wood or roots used as guides with almost no tools. The way this setup casts and reels is pretty interested as well.  An old art form and science that has long been lost.  Its also great that he finishes up the video showing you how fully functional the thing is. 

Below is his upgraded reel. 

This one isn't fishing related by its kind of erie to watch during the Corona Virus Pandemic. We suggest you go to Youtube and watch more of his videos. 

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