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Your Kite Fishing Grab & Go Bag

Author: Bullbuster Team

What You Need To Get Started Kite Fishing

Kite Fishing

As you've probably read in our other articles, we recommend having grab and go bags for each type of fishing.  

Bullbuster Ambassador Double Threat Fishing Charters Setting Out The Kites

Below is our recommended grab and go bag for kite fishing.  

1 - Coil Of 50 Lb Wire  

Don't miss bites from wahoo and kingfish as they come flying through your spread. Make sure you are making leaders withfishing wirefor when these toothy critters roll in. 

Fishing Wire

1 - 50 Lb Fluorocarbon Bulk Spool

When the bite slows down try switching your leaders to Fluorocarbon

Bulk 50 Lb Fluorocarbon

1- 40 Lb Fluorocarbon Bulk Spool

When the bite slows down try switching your leaders to Fluorocarbon and scaling down to 40 Lb. 

Bulk 40 Lb Fluorocarbon

1 - 1 Lb Spool Of 50 Lb Monofilament Fishing Line

For most situations you monofilament will work for your kite fishing leaders.

 1 Lb Spool of 50 Lb Monofilament

1 - Pair Of Aluminum Pliers

Aluminum Pliers For Fishing
Photo via Amazon

2 - Yoyo’s With 25 Pre-made Rigs Each

Making pre-made kite leaders is a must to spend more time fishing while you are out on the water. 

Pre-Made Kite Fishing Rigs
Bullbuster Ambassador L&H Sportfishing took advantage of stormy weather to make it happen!

4 - Rigging Needles

Rigging Needles For Kite Fishing
Rigging needles via Google Image Search

10 - Ceramic Rings

Ceramics For Kite Fishing

10 - Kite Floats

Kite Fishing Float

Fishing float via Pinterest

25 - 4/0 Circle Hooks

4/0 Circle Hook For Kite Fishing

25 - 6/0 Circle Hooks

6/0 Circle Hook For Kite Fishing

50 - Swivels 

Swivels For Kite Fishing

25 - Split Shots

Snap Swivel For Kite Fishing

50 - Rigging Bands

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We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Bullbuster Community.  It is our mission to help millions of anglers spend more time fishing and that starts with YOU!



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