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Yellowfin Tuna Grab & Go Bag

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Yellowfin Tuna Grab & Go Tackle Bag

Bullbuster Ambassador The Tree Guy Sportfishing with a nice yellowfin tuna. Note his go to yellowfin jigging and popping bag behind him.

If you have read other articles on the Bullbuster Community you may have seen us mention the term "Grab & Go Bag” a few times.  A grab an go bag is a fishing bag with your tackle for a specific type of fish.  You do not invade the grab and go bag to fish for other species, but simply have it ready to go for your specific species and make sure your other grab and go bags are ready as well. 

4 Main Styles Of Fishing For Yellowfin

Above #BullbusterAmbassador Jeff Schneider and his customers are chunking for yellowfins out of Venice, LA.

Yellowfins are caught mainly in through 1 of 4 methods of fishing.  If you are targeting yellowfin you should try to be ready for all of the situations. Bring a big bag or box with all of this included.  If you are a serious tuna fisherman you may want to have a box separated for each situation. 

Situation 1:  Chunking 

Chunking for yellowfin tuna
Photo of #BullbusterAmbassadorAbsolut Fishing 

When chunking, you will reel your fluorocarbon leader onto your reel and slowly release your line into the water at the pace of your chunk of bait. 

  • 2  - knives for cutting chunks
  • 10 - pre-made rigs with 20 feet of 50 Lb fluorocarbon & heavy gage 4/0 circle hooks
  • 10  - pre-made rigs 20 feet of 80 Lb Fluorocarbon & heavy gage 6/0 circle hooks
  • 25 - heavy gage 4/0 circle hooks
  • 25 - heavy 6/0 circle hooks

Situation 2:  Trolling

Use these lures to troll around a school of yellowfins that you can find on bird and or with spinner dolphins. 

Below are a few lures that may work, there are obviously many more.  See old time big game fishing legend Norman Isaacs article on  Mr. Wonderful Trolling Lure.  

3- Rapala X-Rap Trolling Plugs

4 - Small Marlin Trolling Lures 

4 - Flying Fish Rigged To Be Trolled From The Kite

4 - Cedar Plugs 

Situation 3:  Pitching Live Baits

A mate letting line out after pitching a live goggle eye to a school of cow tuna in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

If a school of yellowfin tuna is on the move, you may need to use the run and gun method of pitching live baits in front of the school.  In this case you are going to want to have a shorter leader so that you can pitch your bait directly from your conventional on the run. (It also helps using hollow core braid)

20 - 6 foot 50 Lb fluorocarbon leaders with heavy gauge 6/0 hook

20 - 6 foot 80 Lb fluorocarbon leaders with heavy gauge 8/0 hooks.

4 - Rigging Needles

1 - Roll Of Wax Thread 


Situation 4: Jig/Pop Fishing 

Bullbuster Ambassador Jeff Shneider with yellowfin caught with a popper.

Your favorite poppers, lures, stickballs, and vertical jigs in a bag ready to go!

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