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Winter Jerkbait Fishing

Author: Blake Thompson

Winter Bass Fishing

Being that it's winter, most bass anglers turn toward throwing jerkbaits. When fishing jerkbaits in the winter, in cold water conditions, use monofilament line if you use a pause more than 2 seconds. Using fluorocarbon line will cause the suspended bait to change during the pause. Fluorocarbon sinks, when you pause the line gets a bow in it and has to catch back up to the bait. Many of the strikes that you will get will be during the pause. Also be sure to watch your line and take up slack carefully. Also as you are working the bait, use short little downwards jerks of the rod tip. With the water temperatures being low the bass become very lethargic so sometimes a fast moving bait will push them away. Doing this will help you get more bites during tough conditions. My line of choice would be the Bullbuster Premium Monofilament in 12lb test. My personal preference in line color would be the clear because of the water clarity. I hope this little quick bit of information helps you on your next fishing adventure. 

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Here's A Video That Can Give You Tips On Fishing In the Winter By Justin Rackley

Here's a quick video of Justin Rackley showing you a couple tips and visual photoage on how to fishing in the Winter with Jerkbait. 

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