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Winter Carp Bait Recipe

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

How To Make Your Own Carp Bait

This winter was a game changer for me and fellow Bullbuster ambassador  Chris Meza because we entered an unchartered territory when starting to CARP fish in our local waters. We figured since the redfish and bait fish were moving to deeper waters then we needed something to catch off the bank more consistanlty, so we got a game plan and researched baits and tactics for catching common carp in our waters.

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Homemade Carp Bait:

We started making our own bait by mixing the following ingredients:

1.         Quick oats

2.         Strawberry Jello powder

3.         Some Vanilla Abstract

4.         Some corn

 Mix all ingredients with corn being the last because the juices from the corn is what is going to be used to make the oats and jello sticky and compact. The jello and vanilla are the ingredient for making the bait sweet and helps bring the carp to you

Rigs: upon researching Carp setups we came across the Hair Rig with we used 65lb braid and #1 size J hooks.

The hair rig is used to compact the PACK bait on the weight and on the hair part of the rig we would load with sweet corn for extra attraction of carp.

After about an hour or so of chumming the water around the area of fishing, you will notice an increase of rods going off and carp being caught. The PACK bait acts like chum and helps attracted the fish to us.

Carp fishing is really under rated here in San Antonio but as we realize there are tons of carp in our local waters and we tend to find and fish them all and see how big these beautiful creatures get because right now my Personal Best common carp is 35 inches, over 20lbs. cant weight to get a beast of a carp.

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