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Win Gear At The Fraction Of Retail Prices

Author: Ryan Carson

To start off I just want to say I am not affiliated with this Facebook page nor do I receive any type of kick back. I am simply just letting people know about it because it offers a great way to win prizes just like you would at any raffle when  you attend a event. Everything is recorded to keep things 100% fair. 

Dream Deals on Facebook!

For all you outdoor enthusiasts out there or those of you that just love a great deal on quality items, join the group “Dream Deals” on Facebook. This group is a member only, closed group that offers raffle style deals on great items. There are fishing, hunting and adventure items including apparel as well as cash you could win. Along with paid raffles there are free raffles that happen that all you have to do to gain a spot is add a few friends that may be interested in the page. 

So a quick run down of how the group works.  Once you request to join Dream Deals and the admin approves you will see all the items as you scroll down. If an item says it’s a live deal, there will be a number of spots on a list and a value to purchase a spot. Go into the comments and you will see the list. There is always a limited number of spots available. You just comment which number spot you would like on the list and then you are added. Once the list fills, the admin will post a PayPal link to make payment. You have 24 hours from when the list fills to complete your payment and once everyone is paid up the winner is selected through a randomizer application. The whole process is recorded live and posted in the comments so everyone sees it’s fair and honest. This is a great way to get items that you wouldn’t necessarily buy for full retail. 

Overall its simply like the lottery with way better odds. 

It’s easy and affordable. Search “Dream Deals” on Facebook and check it out!

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