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Why Your Efforts Were So Important In The Bahamas

Author: Bullbuster Team

Chinese Fishing Vessels As Covert Naval Fleet?

A recent article in Business Insider shows just how important it is not to allow Chinese commercial fishing in the Bahamas, not just for the safety of fish stocks, but also for national security.

Chinese Commercial Fishing
Photo via 7 Seas Ocean, Inc.

Thank you to all the fisherman in South Florida who made a difference in this effort.  During these times make sure that you spread the word, and use the tools at your disposal such as this petition to let your representatives hear your voice. 

Photo of Chinese Fishing Vessels via Generational Dynamics

If you remember, several months ago,  the Nassau Guardian says that the Bahamas just gave the "Green Light"  for China to invest $2.1 Billion dollars over the next 10 years to increase commercial fishing in Bahamianwaters. This was going to be done through a Chinese - Bahamian partnerships.   Your efforts made a difference.

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