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Why You Would Buy Heavy Monofilament On A Spool Vs. A Coil

Author: Bullbuster Team

Heavy Coiled Mono Vs. Heavy Spooled Mono

In the video below Colby from Bullbuster talks about why you would buy a coil vs. a leader coil. There is a time and place for both and a reason we carry both types.  

Buying Heavy Mono On A Spool

These work really well as monofilament topshots since they are shaped similarly to your reel.  You will spool it in a similar way (tightly) so any memory from a spool will not really matter. If you want less memory, spool from a larger spool, however most reels are not bigger than a 1Lb spool of monofilament anyways. 

1Lb Spools Of Monofilament Fishing Line

5Lb Spools Of Monofilament Fishing Line

Buying Heavy Mono On A Coil

There is very little memory on a coil. This is better for making leaders that won't have a big coil. For example rigging trolling lures. 

100 Yard Coils Of Monofilament Leader Material

200 Yard Coils Of Monofilament Leader Material

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