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Why You Should Use Yellow Braid For Snook

Author: Bullbuster Team

Need Help Choosing Your Fishing Line For Snook Fishing?

In the video below we talk about what braid you should use for casting in the mangroves for snook using artificials.  We specifically recommend using yellow fishing lines in this situation because you want your line to stand out against the mangroves.  The best cast you can make when trying to catch a snook near mangroves, is a cast that almost hits the mangroves, that is because there is a little gully underneath the mangroves that the snook are usually sitting in.  The yellow braided fishing line allows you to see your line as you cast and stop it right when you need to. 

A lot of anglers get concerned with the fact that yellow fishing line may be too visible for a fish that can be SUPER finicky. This is why we recommend using fluorocarbon for snook.  Just add a 2-3 foot piece of fluorocarbon line in front of your yellow fishing line and you immediately solve this problem. 

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