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Why You Should Include A H2 Tag In Your Article & How To Do It

Author: Bullbuster Team

This Is An H2 Tag 

An H2 tag is super important for your article.  For a number of reasons.  

1) You may want to use a catchy title, but you still need to get down to business about what your article is REALLY about. 

2) It is an important factor in getting sites like google and bing to notice your article. 

This Is An H2 Bolded

For stylistic reasons, we recommend that you bold your H2 tags. 

*** Only Include One H2 Tag In Your Article ***

This is important.  If you include more than one H2 tags in your article, for a google and bing bots to actually understand what your article is actually about. 

When you select and H2 Tag in your article its going to seem as if its bolded.  It usually is not and you have to manually make it bold.  

How To Check If Your H2 Tag Is Bolded

If you highlight your H2 tag , you should look at the setting on your toolbar.  If if it does not have grey around it then it is not bold. If it does, then it is bold. 

The H2 Tag  Below Looks Like It Is Bold But Is Not

The H2 Tag Below Is Bold

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