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Why Buying Bulk Fishing Line For Land Based Shark Fishing Helps You Spend More Time Fishing

Author: Bullbuster Team

Whether its the reef, a bluefish run, or the blacktip migration.  Every few shark fishing trips you are bound to get cut offs or frays in yourfishing line. Also, even the strongest fishing lines are bound to having some memory if you when you are fishing extreme drags.  Having a bulk spool of fishing line at home or in your truck at all times can keep you fishing longer and help you to land bigger fish without tackle failure.

Shark Fishing Setup
Sick picture posted by #BullbusterAmbassador SouthFlorida_Sharks , note the custom shark rod by Barrett Rods

Bullbuster is introducing a 22LB bulk spool specifically for land-based shark fishermen.  This 22Lb spool has enough line to fill even the largest reels (including Penn Senators, 130's, 80 wides from Shimano, Avet, Accurate, etc. , and even the Everol 20/0) a number of times, so it give you plenty of trips to work with no matter what reels you are using.

Stay tuned here for the specs of these monster bulk spools.

Catching big fish like this tiger often comes down to keep fresh line on your reel at all times.  Check out some of the awesome catches on Bullbuster Fishing Lines: