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Where To Shark Fish From The Beach?

Author: David Sobiek

Where I Would Fish For Sharks!

When it comes to LBSF, you can set up shop where ever you like, sharks are everywhere, but how can you increase you success? There are many ways, a simple way would be to find the nearest pier and fish about a mile away from it, piers will act as a large chum slick in the busy months of the year and this will bring sharks around. The down side to this is you normally run into beach zombies (tourists) with in this area. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, a lot of tourist don’t understand the sport and passion for shark fishing. So, you might have to answer a ton of questions and possibly deal with a very upset animal rights activist……. Now to the other way that I use, there is this awesome app for Android and iPhone called Boating USA by Navionics which is awesome! It gives you a topographical map of the ocean floor which allows you to look for areas with sharp drop offs and forms of structure. If you can find the areas that hold the fish, you find the sharks.

Also if you are a kayak fisherman this app is amazing for showing you wrecks to fish! This helps as it gives you areas that are potentially away from tourists. Another amazing feature about this app, is it gives you distance, so lets say you found a potential area to fish, you can mark your position and from there you will know how far to deploy your baits! Its MONEY! So now that we spoke about the positives, lets hit a few negatives (kind of). So fishing structure comes with a price, sharp objects to cut your leader and line. With this issue I use about 30’ of bullbuster 400 lb single strand wire attached with bullbuster 900 Lb swivels, and bullbuster 1000 Lb Big Girl Mono Leader (Grander Leader Coil). I hope that this article helps you in your fishing adventures, it always helps when you let other people make mistakes for you (me) so you don’t have to and can spend more time killing it on the beach! Good luck and tight lines

-Castle LBSF

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