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Where Can I Launch My Boat In San Diego?

Author: Bullbuster Team

Boat Launching Ramps In San Diego

Launching A Boat At Shelter Island Boat Ramp
San Diego Anglers member Cliff Johnson straps his boat to the trailer after pulling it out of the new Shelter Island Boat Launch Ramp

If you are looking to launch your boat into the Pacific from San Diego, here are a few launch ramps that you can use. 

  1. 1) Shelter Island - The shelter island boat ramp is a large marina right at the mouth of San Diego Bay.  This launch ramp is in a prime location to get bait from the San Diego Bay Bait Barge and to head offshore.  

  1. 2) Dana Landing  - This launch ramp is one of the most convenient boat ramps. You can launch your boat, grab, a sandwich, and buy your tackle all in the same place. 

  2. 2) National City - The national city boat ramp is located in South San Diego Bay.   This is a great place to launch if you are going to be fishing the bay.  

There are also a number of freshwater lakes that you can launch your boat into.  You may find this list of San Diego Fishing Lakes useful. 

If you don’t have a boat, but would like to rent one here is a good resource for renting a boat for fishing inSan Diego

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