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When Its Better To Buy Your Fluorocarbon In Bulk

Author: Bullbuster Team

4 Reasons To Go For Fluorocarbon In Bulk 500 Yard Spools

In the video, we cover 4 reasons why you would buy a bulk spool of fluorocarbon vs. a small 50 yard spools. 

1) You are going to be using a lot of fluorocarbon for the same thing. 


Kite fishing - multiple 20-foot leaders that you are going to switch out often.

2) You are using your fluorocarbon as a top shot. 

Note: Make sure that you are using your fluorocarbon in this way when you are going to have a big bait or constant tension since fluorocarbon is a lot harder than mono and has more memory. 

3) You Are A Lure Manufacturer

If you are a lure manufacturer you are going to go through a lot of lines, so a bulk spool is a way to go. It is a little bit more upfront but per yard, it is a lot more cost-effective than using a 50-yard spool. 

4) You Are A Charter Boat

If you run a charter boat using a bulk spool is the way to go.  You are out fishing every single day and go through a lot of lines. You also know what fluorocarbon you will be using the most. 

Catalog Of 500 Yard Spools Of Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Buying 500 yard bulk spools of fluorocarbon is a great way to buy your fluorocarbon especially if you do a lot of fishing. Use these spools to make premade leaders, or using a suction cup line spooler to dispense the line from your boat while you are fishing. 

500 Yard Spools Of 20Lb Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

500 Yard Spools Of 30Lb Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

500 Yard Spools Of 40Lb Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

500 Yard Spools Of 50Lb Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

500 Yard Spools Of 60Lb Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

500 Yard Spools Of 80Lb Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

500 Yard Spools Of 100Lb Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

500 Yard Spools Of 130Lb Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

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