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When Do I Need A 500 Yard Spool Of Braid?

Author: Bullbuster Team

When Should You Choose A 500 Yard Spool Of Braid

Anglers often ask us for help figuring out how much braid they need for their reel.  Here at we have come up with a number of resources to help you figure out how much braided fishing line you will need.  Below we will provide some tips for you to choose the size of the spool that you will need, as well as access to a tool that can help you figure out exactly how much you will need to be ready for your next fishing trip. 

Steps For Choosing The Right Size Spool For Your Reel & For Your Fishing Style

1) Figure out what reels you are going to be spooling & their line capacities.  Check Out Our Handy Tool For This

2) Figure out how often you are going to be fishing and in what conditions.  

Where You Are Fishing?

 Are you fishing on a boat or from land?  

From land your line will often come in touch with a lot of debris such as sand and often rocks.  This can add more wear and tear to your line. 

Are you fishing inshore or offshore? 

Inshore especially if you are casting towards trees and structure you may loose more braid then if you were offshore.  

How Often Are You Fishing?

If you fish at least 4 times a month we recommend that you change your braided line at least once a year.  If you are fishing from land  or inshore you may want to do so more often.  If you are fishing daily, we recommend changing your braided fishing line every 6 months. 

3) Once you have determined how much line you need and how often you need to spool your line you can figure out if a 500 yard spool is right for you

Scenarios Where The 500 Yard Spool Is Right For You:
1) Lets say you need to spool three reels, each reel holds 150 yards of  20 Lb braided fishing line .... so that totals at 450 yards of braid. You fish from a boat and mostly offshore, you don't make it out there often, and you keep your reels fairly clean.  Well the 500 yard spool is perfect for you then.  

2) You just bought one big game reel, it is your shark fishing reel, if you go offshore it is your offshore big game reel.  Maybe its a reel you bought specifically for night time swordfishing and you only have one.  You want to have a lot of line on this thing, because you never know what monster you are going to see.  So you want to add some braided backing and then have a topshot. Your braid is barely ever going to be in the water. You are just going to be changing your topshot over and over.  This is a perfect situation for only buying a 500 yard spool of braid. 

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Scenarios Where You Need A Bigger Spool Of Braid:

Here is another scenario, you have three  reels each holds 150 yards of 20 Lb braided fishing line... so that totals at 450 yards of braid.   You take these spinning reels with you everywhere. You use them on the boat, but sometimes you take them to the beach. Your buddy has a flats boat so you take them there too.  Well in this case you are going to have a lot of wear and tear on your braid, and you are probably going to want to get a bulk spool like a 1,000 yard spool to be able to re-spool your reels.  

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