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What Should Your Grab & Go Shark Bag Have In It?

Author: Bullbuster Team

What Should Your Shark Tackle Bag Look Like

Photo of Bullbuster Ambassador Shoortys releasing a big hammer. 

Here at we recommend having go to bags for different types of fishing.  This is one of our biggest tips to spending more time fishing.  You need to be able to grab and go to not miss out on any of the action. 

Pre- Made Rigs  -  If you are going to be shark fishing, you should really have AT LEAST 2-3  pre made shark rigs made at all times.  This is so that you can get straight to fishing when you hit the beach.  While you are on the beach you can sure make a few more, but this should be after your baits are already in the water. 

Wire - We won't explain this one. 

Grander Leader - Its usually much better to use a short piece of wire and use grander leader for the rest of your leader.  This will make most of your rig more re-usable, making leading your fish easier, and will allow you to go through less wire. 

(Look out for a future article that goes more in depth on this here). 

Crimpers -  You should be able to crimp on the beach.

Crimps - You need crimps for your grander leader.  Knots work up to a certain point. Send us a picture of your knot for 1,000 Lb grander leader and we will be impressed. 

Variety Of Circle Hooks - You should carry a variety of circle hooks of different sizes.  We are not pro-ponents of using J-Hooks for land based shark fishing.  

Variety Of Heavy Swivels -  You should have some 900 Lb, 600 Lb, and 450 Lb swivels with you. 

Leader Material - Leader material is great for tying on rocks, spider weights and catching bait that may be easily available on the beach. 

Knife  -  Use this cut your shark bait. 

Bolt Cutters - Bolt Cutters make the best de-hoookers, get that hook out of the sharks mouth as fast as possible. 

Spider Weights - These are a great alternative to rocks for many situations. 

Tail Rope -  Use a tail rope to handle your fish safely and make the release faster. 

Gloves - You don't need these , but they definitely help. 

 Measuring Tape - Find out how big your shark its.  (For Hammerheads we recommend not taping them out, but releasing them immediatley).

Flashlight - You will need this for rigging and landing your shark safety. 

Headlamp - You will need this for rigging , the fight, and landing your shark safely. 

Glowsticks - Keep the smaller sharks away and attract the big ones. 

Harness? - Depending on your fishing style, bring a harness. 

We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Bullbuster Community.  It is our mission to help millions of anglers spend more time fishing and that starts with YOU!



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