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What Monofilament Do I Need For My Greenstick Electric Reel?

Author: Bullbuster Team

Spooling Your Green Stick Reel

Diagram of Greensticking Via Wikipedia page about greensticking.

Over the past few years the "Green Sticking" method of catching tuna has gained popularity from the Northeast, to South Florida, to The Gulf Of Mexico, all the way to the Pacific in California and Hawaii fisheries.   Anglers use a heavy reel (often electric) to carry a 500 foot mainline that  suspends 4-6 artificial lures that splash on the surface and attract big tuna.  This article will talk about what fishing line you need to spool your green stick reels for this exiting type of big game fishing

Spooling Green Stick Reels

Depending on the type of Tuna your are targeting you will spool your green stick reel differently.  We recommend using between 200 Lb and 1000 Lb test depending on your reel. 

Hooker Electric Green Stick Reel

Features Of The Hooker Electric Greenstick Reel (Scroll down for line capacities)

  • Powerful 4hp brushless 24 VDC motor

  • Heavy duty 1.25” stainless steel shaft

  • 6061 billet aluminum construction

  • Gear-driven for durability and reliability

  • Spool 7.5” width, 5.5” ID, 12” diameter

  • Full variable speed control

  • Smooth lever-drag operation (Up to 200lbs of drag)

  • Backup handle (for retrieval)

  • 12ft marine-grade connecting wire

Hooker Electric Greenstick Reel
The hooker electric green stick reel (photo from hooker electric website)

Suggested Line Capacity (hooker has determined optimum filling rates for this reel to get the best performance out of it).

1000 Lb (716 yards)

600 Lb (1,1568 yards)

500 Lb (2,025 yards)

400 Lb (2,715 yards)

Below are two popular greenstick reels made by Electramate and their line capacities. 

Electramate Brute 2000

Features of this Green Stick Reel:

* Scroll down for line capacities

- 12 or 24 volt

- Includes emergency handle for hand cranking if power is lost

- Easy to change spool in 60 seconds or less

- Maximum retrieve speed 393 fpm

Two Types Of Spools (Scroll Down To see Their Capacities). 

Electramate Brut 2000
Photo of Electramate Brute 2000 from Elecramate website

This smaller reel can also be used for bottom fishing, and is a smaller option for green sticking. (You may want to use it to target yellowfin tuna or blacken). 

Line Capacity For The Electramate Brute 2000: 

2 Inch Spool Model:

200 Lb Monofilament (2,333 yards)

400 Lb Monofilament (566 yards)

3 Inch Spool Model: 

200 Lb Monofilament (3500 yards)

400 Lb Monofilament (850 yards)

Electramate Tuna Brute III

Tuna Brute III Reel
Picture of the Tuna Brute III via Electramate's website

Features Of This Reel 

- 12 or 24 Volt DC

- Includes emergency handle for hand cranking if power is lost

- Easy to change spools in less than 60 seconds 

- Maximum retrieve spool 393 fpm

Line Capacity 4" Spool

200 Lb Mono (4,666 yards)

400 Lb Mono ( 1,133 yards)

600 Lb Mono (489 yards)

1000Lb Mono (359 yards)

Check out this video and more on the Green Stick Youtube channel to learn more about green sticking, how its done and the equipment that you will need. 

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