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What Line Should I Use For Shark Fishing Offshore?

Author: Bullbuster Team

Choosing Your Line For Shark Fishing Offshore

One of the advantages of shark fishing offshore is that you can chase your shark.  Here the main factors for choosing the fishing line for your reel is going to be the size of the shark you are targeting and the depth of the water you are fishing in. 

Size Matters 

We like to break down the sizes of sharks you can catch offshore into three different size brackets.  Sharks in these size ranges require significantly different tackle. 

Sharks Under 6 Feet 

Mono: 20-30 Lb monofilament fishing line

Braid : 30-50 Lb braided fishing line

Sharks Under 10 Feet

Mono : 80-100 Lb monofilament fishing line

Braid: 65-100Lb braided fishing line

Sharks  10 Ft + 

Mono: 100-125Lb  Lb monofilament fishing line

Braid: 100-200 Lb braided fishing line

Depth Matters

The depth that you are fishing in matters for choosing your fishing lines, especially when it comes to line capacity. You want to fit enough line on your reel so that your fish is not able to spool you. If your are fishing in shallow waters this does not matter so much because you can chase the shark and stay on top of it.  

We recommend having a line capacity of at least 3 times the depth of the water.  In this way it is virtually impossible to get spooled.  The reason we recommend 3 times as much line as the depth is because it is not easy to stay RIGHT ON TOP of the fish and as more line goes out, even the slightest angle can add up!

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