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What Lb Fluorocarbon Should I Bring For A Long Range Tuna Trip?

Author: Bullbuster Team

Fluorocarbon For Long Range Cow Tunas

Yellowfin Tuna Long Range Fishing (Independence)

If you are planning on going on a long range tuna fishing trip, you are definitely going to want to bring some fluorocarbon with you.  There is no reason to go hundreds of miles offshore without being prepared. 

Most Long Range Tuna Fishermen Bring A Range Of Fluorocarbon

Best Fluorocarbon For Long Range Tuna Fishing

40 Lb Fluorocarbon

This is the fluorocarbon you pull out when the bite is really slow but you are seeing the fish everywhere.  Using fluorocarbon this light for big yellowfin is a double edge sword.  Yea we know the tuna are driving you crazy busting on the surface not hitting anything, but get ready to be on the rail for hours when you hook a cow, and even then; will you land her?

50 Lb Fluorocarbon

Fluorocarbon For Yellowfin Tuna

Using 50 Lb fluorocarbon is on the light range for COW tunas but it will get the job done, and done well for most tunas under 100Lbs who won't bite anything else. Its just thick enough to give you the abrasion resistance you need (13% thicker than 40 Lb flouro), and thin enough to make your line virtually invisible in the blue water offshore. 

60 Lb Fluorocarbon

If the cow tunas are there but they are being very finicky give 60 Lb fluorocarbon a shot. You may need to finese the fish more than usual, but hey you got BIT!

80 Lb Fluorocarbon

This is a great all around Fluorocarbon to use for yellowfins big and small. 

100 Lb Fluorocarbon

When you are in Cow town you will feel confident using 100 Lb fluorocarbon.  Put the pressure on the fish that you need and get more bite because you are using Fluorocarbon. 

130 Lb Fluorocarbon

When the big cows are coming in the boat and you are going for the biggest one in the group, this is what you are going to need to get the job done and get the job done well!

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