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What Is Hollow Core & What Should You Use It For

Author: Bullbuster Team

Our hollow core braid is a seamless connection for advanced fishermen. Create your own wind on leader with no limit to its length. Hollow core is great for braided backing on big game reels or to use smaller reels for big game fishing by filling them completely to the brim with braid and having some knotless mono at the top to work with. 

+ Why Use Hollow Core Braid?

+ The Best Knot For Salt Water Fishing Line Is No Knot At All

No loop to loop connections

No testing out your knots with the guides of your rods to see if they will fit through 

No losss of line strength due to knots that aren't 100%

+ How Hollow Core Braid Works:

Hollow core braid works like a chinese finger trap. Once your mono is inside the braid, the weave of the braid tightens anytime you pull on the mono. 

+ Applications For Hollow Core Braid:

Making Wind-On Leaders

For seamless connections for braided backing 

For big game fishing with small reels

+ Where Is Hollow Core Braid  Used The Most?

+ Jigging & Popping For Tuna 

 Hollow core braid is great for jigging and popping for tuna because it lets you splice your flourocarbon or mono leader directly to your braid.  The last thing you want to happen is for you to run up on a school of busting tuna, you to cast and your lure to come FLYING at the boat because your knot got stuck at the tip.  Hollow core braid prevents this problem all together. 

Hollow core, like other braids also lets you put some really heavy drag on your fish with a small reel.  Pack a few hundred yards 130 Lb hollow core on any reel with a good drag system, and you can turn your light reel in to a fish whooping machine! 

+ Backing For Shark Reels

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