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What Gear Should I Use For San Antonio’s Power Plant Lakes

Author: Christopher Meza

What Should You Use for Lakes

I get this question a lot asking what setup I like to fish with when I’m fishing my local lakes and I figured I would write this article for people with a similar question. 

Well let me start by saying that any rod and reel will land slot redfish off the bank from bass gear down to your old school zebco 808 but here is where personal preference and your budget dictate what gear you will use.

Conventional reels

Daiwa sealine
abu Garcia 6500 c3
Avet SX mc (all I use)
abu Garcia 7000 ic3
shimano tekota 600
shimano 400 & 700b calcutta

Spinning reels 

Penn battle 4000 to 6000
Penn spinfisher V 6500
Penn spinfisher V 7500 LC
Diawa BG 4000-6000 (haven’t used)

Rods are for both casting and spinning

Penn prevail 
Penn carnage ll (my favorite)
Penn torque ( hard to find )
Penn battalion
Breakwater surf rod ( bass pro brand)
Okuma longitude ( on the heavy side)
Ugly stik ( all back with yellow and red wrap)

Rod length

All my rods are 12ft because I fish the surf and I want rods that are rated heavy but I would at least say a 10ft rod of your choice no matter if the brand is something other than what I listed. Pick a rod that can hold 4oz weight plus bait when casting. If you cant decide between a 10ft or 12ft then go with an 11ft rod. Not all brands are the same but for Penn they typically all stay the same so make sure to read what the rod is rated for. 

Spinning reels with braid 

4000 size 20lb braid  
5000 size 30lb braid 
6000 size 30lb or 40lb braid 

Can add a top shot of mono if you like but braid will cast better due to its very thin diameter. 

Conventional reels

No levelwind — use thumb to guide line in
Daiwa sealine 20 — 20lb mono
Diawa sealine 30 — 25lb mono
Avet SX mc (all I use) 25lb mono
Levelwind — just reel in no guiding with thumb
abu Garcia 6500 c3 — 20lb mono
abu Garcia 7000 ic3 — 25lb mono
shimano tekota 600 — 25lb mono
shimano Calcutta 400 — 20lb mono 
Shimano Calcutta 700b — 25lb mono

You can do straight mono but what I like to do is 300 yards of 20lb or 30lb braid then an Albright knot to either 20lb mono or 25lb mono for extra line capacity for when I’m fishing the surf.

One thing to mention is choose a reel with a levelwind or no levelwind. With levelwind you don’t need to guide line back in but without levelwind you will need to use your thumb to evenly reel in your fishing line. 

This gives me the ability to change my top shot more often because I typically top shot with 150 yards of mono or so.

My preferred setup is on a 12ft prevail or carnage rod with 25lb mono on top with 30lb braid on bottom using an Avet SX mc or a 6500c3 with braid backing and a top shot of mono on a 10, 11 or 12ft rod will work. Choose a rod and reel you are most comfortable with and something that’s in your budget.

Most of the reels mentioned will be good for saltwater fishing so no need to buy other reels for the coast and I target bull reds in the surf with 25lb mono with no issues!

Hopefully this will help you get an idea of what gear you could use if you decide to follow my preferred gear for getting distance and bait in front of some big redfish! Not an extensive list of reels but this should give you an idea of what you should look for.

If you think I’m missing anything important or a reel you think works?send me an email at so I can add it in!

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