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What Fluorocarbon Is The Best?

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What fluorocarbon is the best?  Fluorocarbon fishing line is a line that is much denser than monofilament lines.  Why is it important that fluorocarbon is dense? Well light waves move through dense materials faster.  That means that your fluorocarbon lines are going to be more invisible than monofilament fishing lines. 

50 Yards Vs. 500 Yards Of Fluorocarbon

If you are shopping online for fluorocarbon fishing lines you may be wondering why anglers buy BULK 500 yard spools over smaller and less expensive 50 yd spools of fluorocarbon. Bulk spools of fluorocarbon are spools you will probably not be bringing out on the boat with you, but these spools are excellent for making pre-made leaders with.  

See our article on making pre-made leaders and how you can use your downtime to be ready to go fishing.  

What Diameters Are Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines?

Below are the diameters of many common sizes of fluorocarbon fishing lines: 

20Lb Fluorocarbon: 0.41mm

30Lb Fluorocarbon: 0.50mm

40Lb Fluorocarbon:0.6mm

50Lb Fluorocarbon: 0.68mm

60Lb Fluorocarbon: 0.77mm

80Lb Fluorocarbon: 0.92 mm

100Lb Fluorocarbon: 1.02mm

130Lb Fluorocarbon: 1.22mm

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