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What Fishing Line Should I Use For Daytime Swordfishing?

Author: Bullbuster Team

Tips To Help You Choose Your Line For Daytime Swordfishing

What Fishing Line Should I Use For Daytime Swordfishing?
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We wrote this article for those of you who are interested in your first daytime swordfishing setup. This is a quick guide that will let you know exactly what fishing line you will need to successfully land your first swordfish.

What Braided Fishing Line Should I Use?

We recommend using 65Lb-80Lb braid for daytime swordfishing. You are going to need at least 1500 yards of either braid size. 

How To Use A Daytime Swordfish Wind On Leader

Check out the diagrams below to figure out how to use your daytime wind on leader.   We make our daytime swordfish wind-on leaders 150ft so that you can set up a perfect drift.   

1) Connect your braid to your wind-on leader with a loop to loop connection.

  1a)  Get your braid ready for a loop to loop connection by tying a bimini twist.  Check out "Salt Water Experience"'s great explanation on how to tie a bimini knot.  When tying a bimini knot with braid, we recommend adding a 10 -20 extra twists. 

  1b) Once you have tied your bimini twist on your braid, go ahead and use this video below to create your loop to loop connection between your bimini twist and your wind-on leader.  We would like to thank the "Marineews" Youtube channel for the excellent instructional video they put together. 

2) Connect Your Weight To Your Daytime Swordfish Wind-On Leader Using A Wax Loop &  A Longline Clip. 

Floss Loops

If you don't know how to tie a floss loop to your wind on, check out this resource at Swordfish Central Forums.

Connecting Your Weight

Connect your weight with 20 -50 feet of 40Lb mono to the end of your wind on leader.  This way you can bump the bottom with your weight, while keep your bait well off of the bottom. 

3) Crimp your Daytime Swordfish Rig To Your Wind-On Leader

Below is what your drift should look like with your wind-on leader.   

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