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What Fishing Line Does Not Stretch?

Author: Bullbuster Team

Looking For A Fishing Line That Does Not Stretch?

Braided Fishing Lines Have Very Little Stretch

If you are looking for a fishing line that does not stretch, braided fishing line is the way to go. When compared to monofilament fishing line, braid has virtually no stretch.  

What Is The Advantage Of Not Having Any Stretch?

The advantage of not having any stretch is that braided fishing lines make it much easier to feel a bite, even if you have your bait way out.   

Having less stretch also makes it a lot easier to keep fish from going into structure. 

What Disadvantages Are There To Not Having Any Stretch?

A disadvantage of having very little stretch is that you and your gear will feel ever head shake and feel the full brunt of the battle with the fish.  

How Can You Reduce Your Stretch, But Still Have A Little Bit?

Many people use a monofilament topshot as a shock absorber.  You may also consider using hollow core braid to make your own wind on leader as a shock absorber. 

So How Much Does Monofilament Stretch?

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