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WetWillyBiz Wallet Why You Need It!!

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The Perfect Boating Dry Wallet 

Store Your Phone, Wallet, Passport, & Important Documents

Here in San Diego as private boaters on a small skiff we probably carry a ridiculous amount of paperwork compared to most. You see we fish internationally in Californian and Mexican waters. We carry our Boat Insurance, Registration, CA fishing Licenses, MX fishing Licenses,  Temporary Boat Import Permit (For MX), Passports, Boat USA card, VHF station license, VHF operating license, Boat’s list of equipment and any Visas that we must fill out to Fish the local Mexican Islands.  Our boat is a wet center console which is how I got my nick name of Wet Willy!  So with all this in mind I made a waterproof wallet one day and friends asked for one too. 

Use For Your Grab & Go Bags

We later found that the wallet could be used for a variety of things to keep any Fisherman organized: Pre-tied Leaders, Hooks, Launch Check List, Even photos of your kids!  

Our wallet keeps things organized, in individual pockets,  Fish hands free and dry. The best part is handing it to any officer when being checked. They always remark at how well organized it is and how it makes their job so much easier when checking us for customs or safety stops. 

Let us know if you need one for your boat?

$20 + Shipping. Get in touch on Facebook or Instagram @ WetWillyBiz. 

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