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Author: Ryan Carson

Some of you may already know about the respect that I have for our countries military. One thing that I have always felt strong about is that the people that help to serve and protect our country do not get the support they deserve from our government and country.

Last year Carson’s Charters participated in its first charity event the Warriors for Warriors Charity Shark and Tuna Tournament. Our team consisted with Chris Johnson, Jason William and as a special guest Ty Bartley a retired Navy Corpsman.

"Ty served as a Navy Corpsman’s from 1999-2004. In 2002 he was aboard vessel doing search and seizures on vessels in the Gulf of Aden."

Ty served as a Navy Corpsman’s from 1999-2004. In 2002 he was aboard vessel doing search and seizures on vessels in the Gulf of Aden. He was part of OEF also known as Operation Enduring Freedom where he spent time in East Africa and Afghanistan. Ty was an absolute blast and we all had tons of laughs throughout the day.

Chris enlisted in the Army as an 11C- Indirect-fire Infantryman from 2002 to 2009.  He served with the with the US Army Presidential Salute Battery, 3D US Infantry (The Old Guard) which is the Army’s Honor Guard. The Presidential Salute Battery fires 75mm Howitzers for funerals and ceremonies in Arlington National Cemetery and around Washington DC. During his time there he took part in over 400 ceremonies for Presidents, Foreign Dignitaries and Military Officials, but his greatest honor was firing the 21-Gun salutes for President Regan’s and President Ford’s State Funerals. He also served as the Chief of the mortar platoon’s Fire Direction Center. While he did not deploy (as was his intention as an Infantryman), he considered it an honor to serve his country as a soldier in The Old Guard. Chris now serves on the Board of Directors of Pennsylvania Outdoor Veterans.

  This year Carson’s Charters has already committed to two charity events to support our Veterans. As I am made aware of more events hopefully we will be able to add to this list.  

On 4/13/2019 PA Outdoor Veterans are hosting Sportsman’s Bingo.

Date TBD The 6th Annual Warriors for Warriors Tournament.

For any Active/Retired: Military, Police, Firefighter & EMS you will receive a 10% discount on top of any other discount/coupon/ special etc.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me in any of the following ways listed below. If you have any suggestions for charity events that support Active/Retired: Military, Police, Firefighter & EMS please feel to reach out with that info as well.

Phone (Call or Text) 609-694-9159


Facebook message.

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