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Utilize Days With Bad Weather To Spend More Time Fishing

Author: Bullbuster Team

Things You Can Done On Stormy Days To Spend More Time Fishing

Stormy Day
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Below are a list of things that you can do to take advantage of bad weather.  Stormy days are great, they help you spend more time fishing. 

Rig -  Get out your leaders, get out your hooks, get out your swivels, get our your yoyo's, get out your ziplock bags, get out your bread ties.  Start rigging like a mad man (or woman #girlswhofish). 

Study Your Logbook -  Ok, so you've been writing in your logbook for months and years, now is the time to actually study it.  Read through it. Look for patterns, who would have thought, a storm pass by and you come out the other side as a better fisherman. 

Do Boat Maintenance - Get a tarp and get on it.  The second this storm passes by you are going to be ready. 

Do Reel Maintenance-  Reels need love too!  Crank up youtube or use one of the guides below!

Get Tackle Together - Go to the Container Store, Walmart, or use Amazon to get your tackle organized the way you want it.  Is it by species?  Is it by season?  Is it by boat?  Is it by something else?  We don't know but you do. 

Take Care Of Future Obligations - Stormy days are good days to check off your to do list.  You know the things that make you feel guilty about going fishing because you didn't get these done.  (Wait did you even feel guilty?  Probably not but still). 

Plan Your Next Fishing Trip With Buddies - Have you and your buddies been talking about an epic fishing vacation? This is the time to start making plans that will turn that trip into a reality. 

(Check out the Top Yellowfin Tuna Destinations)

Clean Out Your Tackle Box/Bags - Anything that is rusted needs to go and now!  Rust is like a disease, once something gets its the rest is sure to come. 

Search For Spots Using Google Maps - Use google maps to start searching for spots you might want to try when the weather clears.  You can do this for just about any type of fishing . 

Salt Strong Has A Pretty Cool Guide On How To Do This For Inshore Fishing

Check Out Our Guide On How To Find Daytime Swordfish Spots 

Put In Some Overtime - This is a great time to make a little extra cash, or impress the boss. You want your boss to remember this the next time that you need to ask for time off for your epic fishing trip you have been planning with your buddies. 

Make Species Specific Grab & Go Bags -  This is a good time to put together some grab and go backs for the type of fish that you want to target.  You could have lets say:

Shark Fishing Grab & Go Bag

Tuna Fishing Grab & Go Bag (Yellowfin Tackle Bag, Blackfin Tackle Bag

Kite Fishing Grab & Go Bag

Inshore Fishing Grab & Go Bag

Night Time Swordfishing Grab & Go Bag

Daytime Swordfishing Grab & Go Bag

Tarpon Fishing Grab & Go Bag

... The list goes on guys and #GirlsWhoFish.

Say F*&K It I’m Going Anyways -  F U storm we are going.  Get the Grundens out. 

Read Articles On Techniques - Here on the Bullbuster community we have plenty of article for you to touch up on your techniques, cooking skill, and more!

Watch Youtube Videos On Techniques - Lets say you want to try out a new type of fishing.  Now is the time to study up. Youtube videos are a great way to learn because you can watch someone actually do it and rewind, pause, whatever you want to do. 

(Below are some articles that compile the best videos on the web for a number of fishing techniques.)

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How To Rig Ballyhoo

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9) Learn How To Farm Your Own Bait (Best Videos)

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