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Using A Bank SInker (Fishing Weight)

Author: Bullbuster Team

Bank Sinkers 101

Bank Sinker

Bank sinkers are a type of fishing weight that is shaped in a tear drop shape.  This make the bank sinker excellent for casting, and its rounded edges are good for not getting caught on the bottom. Most anglers use larger bank sinkers when fishing heavier lead, since there are other types of fishing weights that can get the job done in other situations.  (See Common Types Of Fishing Weights)

Uses For Bank Sinkers

1) Bottom Fishing - This is a great weight for bottom fishing since a bank sinker is usually a heavy weight, and does not get caught on the bottom often.  

2)  Fishing For Swordfish At Night - Bank sinkers are excellent for fishing for swordfish at night. Most anglers use, 12 oz, 16 oz, 24 oz, or 32 oz bank sinkers for this application.  The weight can easily be connected to the line by sticking a rubber band through the hole at the top and rapping it around the monofilament fishing line

3) Surf Casting On Rocky Beaches - This weight is aerodymic and can be heavy which makes for great casting and it does not get caught on the bottom as much as other weights. Many anglers prefer to use pyramid sinkers when they are fishing on more sandy beaches. 

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