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Reddit & Your Bullbuster Community Article

If you are not familiar with Reddit, it is one of the most used sites on the internet. Some call it "The Front Page Of The Internet".  Reddit is a user driven site that allows users to "upvote" or "downvote" content. You can use it to promote your article but you also need to contribute to the Reddit community otherwise other "Redditors" will feel that you are spamming their pages.  Trust us Redditors take this seriously. 



Reddit is not for everyone.

What Is Reddit Karma & Why Its Important For You

Like we talked about earlier you need to contribute to Reddit not just push your own agenda.  Reddit's uses "Karma" to give you credit for adding value to a topic (as voted by fellow Redditors).  The more Karma you have, chances people are more willing to trust you on the site.  It also means that you have been using it correctly (because people can downvote your posts and you can loose credit if your being spammy or posting non-relevant topics). 

When you are logged into Reddit, your Karma can be seen in the top right hand side of your profile. 

There are two types of Karma's:

Post Karma:  This is a link like your article on the Bullbuster Community that you shared and people upvoted. 

Comment Karma: This is a comment that you made on a post that people found helpful. 

What Is A Subreddit & What Are The Best Fishing Subbreddits

A subreddit is the a "Topic" on Reddit.  You can find subreddits in two ways:

1) Use The Search Bar On Reddit

2)Use The URL Bar 

Fishing Subreddits So You Don't Even Have To Search

R Fishing 

This is a huge fishing community with multiple "subjects" or subreddits within it.

R SouthFloridaFishing - This is a Subreddit dedicated specifically to fishing in South Florida.

R SharkFishing 

This is a subreddit dedicated specifically to Shark Fishing


This is a Subreddit for Landbased Shark Fishing.

R Offshore Fishing

This is a Subreddit dedicated specifically to Offshore Fishing.

R Swordfishing 

This is a Subreddit made specifically for people who are interested in Swordfishing.

R DIY Kayak Fishing 

This is a Subbreddit dedicated mostly to those of you who would like to rig your own kayaks for kayak fishing.

R Big Game Fishing Fans 

 This is a growing Subreddit that talks mostly about big game fishing.

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