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Use Monofilament Fishing Line For Your Outriggers

Author: Bullbuster Team

Outrigger Lines Made Simple

Outriggers Full Of Sailfish Flags
Photo of #BullbusterAmbassador L&H Sportfishing with outriggers full of sailfish flags.

Is it time to change your outrigger lines?  Having a spare coil of 400 Lb or 500 Lb monofilament around can keep you from dragging your feet.  The time is now.  

Use 400-500 Lb Monofilament For Your Outrigger Lines

Dont Forget Your Crimp Sleeves

Here at you will never need to worry about choosing the wrong crimp sleeve.  We help you figure out exactly what crimp sleeve you will needfor the line you are ordering. 

Get A Short Tour Of Our Fishing Line Factory

Our fishing lines are spooled in our Miami, Fl factory.  Save up to 50% on price and a priceless amount of your time by ordering online and directly from our factory. #SpendMoreTimeFishing #BuyBrandDirect