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Use Bullbuster Grander Leader Coils

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Need Leader Coils? If So You Are At The Right Place!

Leader Coils

These leaders are made to withstand the biggest fish the ocean has to offer.  

We have the following LB Test Leader Coils Available: 

+ Uses For Our Leader Coils

+ Shark Leaders

Making Shark Leaders

Our leaders, especially our 600LB and 1000Lb are used by landbased shark fishermen for reusable shark leaders. To make these leaders simply use a bullbuster crimp (specifically designed for your selected line) to make a loop for (400-1000Lb class swivel) to a 25 foot section of Grander Leader and add on a 5-6 ft section of either 19 wire or 49-strand cable. You may be surprised to see how many trips these leaders will last (especially with our 1000Lb), and you may find yourself just replacing the wire or cable section after every few trips.

+ Rigging Trolling Lures

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Our leader is perfect for rigging trolling lures. It is harder than our premium monofilament so that it coils easier, and doesn’t sink into your hand when you are leadering big fish. It also is easy to crimp thanks to our crimps sleeves that are specifically designed for our lines 

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If you are rigging a ton of trolling lures, not just for personal use, but for sale, you may want to look into a bulk spool of monofilament for your production table. 

+ Special Features For Bullbuster Grander Leaders:

When you check out we recommend crimp sleeves that have been designed specifically for the line that you are choosing.  We know its a pain in the ass to get out on the water and find out your crimp is just a little off.  So we made this easy to use tool.  Hopefully it helps you spend more time fishing, the catching is up to you!

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Buy Crimp Sleeves Online

It is our mission to help you spend more time fishing, we use technology and our brand direct business model to do just that!  Check out the rest of our fishing lines!

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