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Understand Solunar Theory

Author: Ryan Carson

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The solunar theory is a hypothesis that animals and fish move and are more active according to the location of the moon. Within the solunar theory there are major periods and minor periods. Each day there will be two major periods lasting 2 hours each and two minor periods lasting 1 hour each. The major times are when the moon is up and the moon is down.  When the moon is up it is directly above you. When the moon is down it is directly below you through the earth. Both majors are an hour before and an hour after the moon is in that position. The minor times are when the moon rises and when the moon sets. Both minors are a half hour before and a half hour after the moon rises and sets. Both majors and minors are considered to be peak game activity and from personal experience you can expect an uptick in movement (for hunting) and strikes (for fishing). This in no way is saying that this is the only time fish will be feeding but they might be feeding more during that time. Along with Major and Minor Periods the weather (1) and Peak Activity Periods. (2)

One way  of back testing this theory and something I do every time I fish or hunt is to keep a log of sightings (for hunting) or fish strikes or fish caught for fishing. An easy way to do this is with pictures. The last thing anyone wants to do is break out a notebook or their phone to write down what they caught, when they caught it and what they caught it on. A quick picture of the fish with what you caught it on will do the trick. The phone will time stamp the picture and when your done fishing you can go back through to log your data. This will help with planning future fishing trips for years to come. (3)

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