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Tungsten Weights

Author: Blake Thompson

How To Make Tungsten Weights

Here is a little DIY project that is perfect for a rainy day. If you like me, you hate the paint coming off your tungsten weights. Here is a fix that will permanently color your tungsten black without the worry of flaking. You will need a small container of ice water, some pliers and a small propane torch. If there is any weights that still had paint on them don't worry the heat will burn it off. To start off hold the weight between the pliers on the top and bottom of the weight. Using the torch, heat the weight up until you start to see the color change to a blue tint. This may take a while since tungsten has a high melting point. After you heat it up, immediately drop it in the ice water and the black color will be permanently on the weight. Not only will they never lose color but buying unpainted weights are cheaper to buy. Hopefully this helps you save a little money. 

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Here's on how to save money on painting Tungsten weights instead on buying paint 

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