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Tuna Species Of The Pacific Ocean

Author: Bullbuster Team

List Of The Types Of Tuna You Can Catch In The Pacific Ocean

1) Albacore 

Scientific Name: Thunnus alalunga

Nicknames: Atun Blanco, Tombo, Ahipalaha

2) Bigeye Tuna

Scientific Name: Thunnus obesus

Nicknames: Ahi po'o nui, Ahi

3) Black Skipjack

Scientific Name: Euthynnus lineatus

Nicknames: Spotted Tuna, Mackerel Tuna, Mexican Little Tunny

4) Bullet Mackerel

Scientific Name: Auxis rochei

5) Frigate Mackerel 

Scientific Name: Auxis thazard

Nicknames: Boo Hoo, Bonito

6) Pacific Bonito

Scientific Name: Sarda chiliensis

Nicknames: California Bonito

6) Skipjack Tuna 

Scientific Name: Katsuwonus pelanis

Nicknames: Striped Tuna, Oceanic Bonito, Aku

7) Striped Bonita

Scientific Name: Sarda orientalis 

Nicknames: Mexican Bonito, Oriental Bonito

8) Yellowfin Tuna

Scientific Name: Thunnus albacores 

Nicknames: Allison Tuna, Ahi

9) Southern Bluefin Tuna

Scientific Name: Thunnus maccoyi

Nicknames: Pacific Bluefin, Giant Tuna, Black Tuna, Maguro

If you want to learn more about these species take a look at the rest of the community.    A great resource for learning about fish in the Pacific is  Vic Dunaway's "Sport Fish Of The Pacific" a book given to our team by Bullbuster Community Member William Shiffman. 

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