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Trot Lining For Blue Crabs In The Patuxent River

Author: Colby Uva

Trot Lining For Crabs In Maryland

Last night, Fiona and I went out to dinner with Tio Alberto in Georgetown (DC).  Tio Alberto's son Nico was actually the first intern Bullbuster ever had, and helped run some of the first contests that we hosted on Facebook. 

Working with Nico was a great experience, because I had never had any employees before, so I definitely had to learn quickly and put together a few projects that would not only be productive for Bullbuster, but interesting for Nico at the same time.  

Tio Alberto's son Nico (Bullbuster's first Intern) with a Costa Rican Rooster fish rocking a old school Bullbuster shirt.

Back in those days Bullbuster didn't have the amazing community it has today, so we grew our market through grass roots social media campaigns.  Nico would start a campaign at the beginning of each week and generate excitement for the contest as it went on.  Below are some of the contests Nico during his summer internship with us. 

In those days the contestants would submit their pictures to us via email and the photo with the most votes (facebook likes) would either a shirt or some line. 

It was a fun contest to host because anglers would get super into it, with some anglers getting over 400 likes on their photos.  The competition was hot!

Fiona and I told Tio Alberto that we were going to go camping this weekend in Shenendoah and Tio Alberto mentioned to us that we should go down to his place on the river instead.  Fiona has already been a trooper and camped with me before, and even though she never complained, I know she likes to have things a little nicer, so we have decided to take Tio Alberto up on the offer. 

Today, I spent some time researching the area and found that locals do a lot of crabbing . Last night at Bistro Lepic Winebar,  Alberto recommended that we try the Soft Shell Crab. It was amazing.  The owner and Chef who is Alberto's long time friend also owns  one of Fiona's favorite resturaunts ( La Piquette ) which we found out in passing conversation.  

After talking with Alberto about the river house, I decided to do a little bit of initial research on the area.  The river house it seems, is near an area that is well known for blue crabs.  After eating the soft shell crabs, I now have an appettite for more, so I started my initial research on crabbing in the area.  

Below is some of my initial research. 

This video posted by Youtuber " HarpinSonny" shows how locals harvest "bushels" of crabs using a Trot Line. 

I have begun to put together my Trot Line, it is not as heavy duty as most videos show.  I simply pulled off some old 65LB  braided fishing line off of one of spinners (100ft in length due to regulations) and have put loops every few feet.  I have also begun to put together small mono loops that should be able to hold bait on the line.

Here is a link to the local Cheseapeake & Tributary Regulations 2018 Blue Crab Harvesting.

Youtube is a great resource for learning new types of fishing.  This video posted by Youtuber   " Mike Re" shows you how to connect baits to a trot line.  I also noted from the video that chicken necks is a bait of choice. 

Hopefully with the research above, we can bring Tio Alberto back a few crabs.  Will put an update here. 

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