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Trophy Vs Trash Fish...

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Remembering Your Roots

This is an article and topic I love to talk about!! Especially as an angler who grew up pier fishing and land based fishing. Land based fishermen in South, Florida are limited to the species they can catch simply because they don't have the mobility of a kayak or bait to chase pelagic species such as mahi-mahi, sailfish, wahoo and others.

"You can take the kid off the pier... but you can't take the pier out of the kid" 

The offshore guys often look down upon and judge the guys who do not have access to these money species as I call them. I don't know why people designate certain fish as garbage or trash, such as jack crevalles and barracuda?

After all at the end of the day, most of us are just trying to feel your fishing line peeling off our reel and see our rod doubled over. Species such as jack and barracuda provide for some of the most underrated fights and visual displays of feeding. Nothing gets me more pumped than seeing a Cuda charge a neon green tube at mach 5, or a giant jack crush a topwater bait! 

People don't place the same emphasis or excitement for these species and its seen with our culture, lack of tournaments for certain species and general attitudes across TV shows, forums and articles. These species were the foundation of how I learned to fish and many others like me who didn't have access to a boat. 

I do my fair share of offshore fishing nowadays and get to tango with Sails, Mahi, tuna and others, but I will never outgrow the drag screaming run from a cuda. 

Its like the old saying goes "you can take the blank from blank but you can't take the...."

Well for me and many of my fellow landbasd anglers "You can take the kid off the pier... but you can't take the pier out of the kid" 

Attached below are some videos of some of my favorite lesser appreciated fish!

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