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Trolling Spread

Author: Jaren Luke

How To Avoid Tangles While Trolling 

Trolling Spread Trips
This trolling pattern has helped my friends and I catch much more fish out there. I hope that it does the same for you. Aloha.

   Hawaii's big game trolling season is coming up quick and many fishermen from beginner to expert are very excited to get in the action. One of the things that I notice when fishing with different people on different boats is the trolling spread. 

   For the most part, I see two different types: what I call the "crooked H" pattern and the "H" pattern. Most people I see run the "crooked H" pattern and I notice that it has more of a chance for tangles. In the "crooked H", the lines on one side of the boat are longer than the other side. 

Trolling spread
                 Here's a example of a H pattern.

   This can present a problem when turning sharply when working in the birds or porpoise because the lines are uneven. With the "H" pattern, the pair of outrigger lines are even and the pair of corner lines are even. This allows the captain to make tighter turns in any direction with less tangles. This setup has helped my friends and I catch much more fish out there and I hope it does the same for you. Aloha.

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