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Trolling For Kings Part 1 – Gear And Rigging

Author: Team American Yaker - RIZZO

What Gear You Need & How To Rig To Catch Kingfish From A Kayak

Trolling for kings out of a kayak is relatively easy once you learn the tricks of the trade. In this article we will cover the rods, reels, line, and terminal tackle that we recommend for fishing for kingfish from a kayak. 

First, you need the correct setup. Starting with the rod and reel combo. I like to use a Seigler SG conventional reel loading with 30#bullbuster braid strapped to a 7ft Bull Bay Brute Force 20-40# rod. This setup is deadly for slaying kings off a kayak. The Seigler SG packs 30# of drag and the Brute Force rod has a med heavy backbone with a fast action tip so corralling a massive 50” king is done with ease but with a lot of fun!!!

Kayak Fishing

Second is the leader. We’ve done a lot of T&E on developing the perfect trolling king leader. Start with a 40-60# steel wire leader or 7strand wire roughly 3ft long in length. Next, use some #2 treble hooks but make sure they are 3x of 4x strength either VMC or Unfair Lures hooks. We like to use 2 treble hooks, stinger setup, this increases your odds of hooking up by 50%. There’s several ways of tying the trebles to the steel leader but we like to use the inline snell knot to secure it.  (Learn How To Secure Your Hook To Your Wire Using The Haywire Twist)

Reels For Kayak Fishing For Kingfish


 The distance between the trebles greatly depends on the size of the bait you have but usually the gap is 6-8”. Once the treble hooks are done crimp a size 5, 65# test, VMC barrel swivel to the leader. ( See below for rigging).  Tighten every down pretty good by pulling on the bottom treble hook and swivel. This ensure the snell knots are tight and the crimp is secure. An easier way is to use a Big Nic Fishing Mac-a-hoo. They are super easy to use and work like a champ. We like to troll a slick cigar minnow on top and Big Nic Mac-a-Hoo in the middle of the water column to cover more ground.


Seigel reels --

Big Nic Fishing -- https://big-nick-lures.myshopi...

Bull Bay Rods --

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