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Triple Tail Fun In The Gulf

Author: Albert Acosta

Fun Catching Triple Tail In The Gulf

Triple Tail Fun

Fishing out in the Gulf of Mexico can be very rewarding if you put your time in knowing what the fish are feeding on and where the bait is located. Knowing ahead of time where the fish will be congregating and their patterns is key to a successful day. I love fishing out in the Gulf because of the diversity of fish and the natural beauty that is out there. Southwest Florida has some of the most beautiful waters you can fish and you always have a great opportunity to catch some really nice fish.

Targeting Triple Tail

One fish that is very special is the Triple Tail. I love this fish and it is very good eating! This fish is not easy to find but if you set your mind on finding them and really look for them carefully you will find them...and you will not be disappointed. So in this article I’m going to give you some tips on finding and then arching this sneaky stealthy fish. First of all triple  tail are very good at hiding. They are very stealthy and blend in with their surroundings. So lets start with Location. Tripple tail hang out around structure like mangroves overhangs and tips of island points, markers, buoys, logs, floating debris in water

Triple Tail Is Good Eating

Triple tail is excellent eating. Take a look at the article below to learn more about how to cook this awesome fish.

Cook Triple Tail

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