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Transporting Live Baits

Author: Arvids Gerulis

Tips and Tricks when transporting live baits to keep em healthy, lively, and happy and in return you catch more big fish.

When Transporting live baits it is important to have some type of dally system to move the baits around. When fishing on bridges or piers or simply making long walks with your bait it is important to have a dally system to make transporting easier for you. For my dally I simply found some 2 ply wood that I cut to my liking and painted it white. Then I went ahead and got 4 caster wheels and drilled a hole on the wood for them to go in. The wheels I got I really like because they lock so if you are fishing a bridge it wouldn't go anywhere. I added also bungy cords to my circular jug to keep it more secure.

When Transporting live baits it is also important to have a good aeration system and a battery to run the pump. In the hot Florida sun the water can really heat up so a good aeration system cools the water down and makes your baits happier. Also you could freeze some saltwater in bottles and toss em in the bait tank if the water starts warming up. I found this technique very effective and my baits we're nice and lively.

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