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Transition From Warm Gulf Water To The Cold Pacific

Author: Chester Gamble

About Me And My Fishing!

I am Chester Gamble with American Yakers in San Diego California. I have fished all over the world from Kentucky, Wyoming, Netherlands, Germany, South Korea, Alabama, all over Florida and now for the foreseeable future I will be paddling the waters in California. My target fish range from kayak & land based shark fishing, to the many reef fish, to the monster yellowtail.

 If you plan to make the transition I have some helpful tip to keep you from wasting your money & time. (1) No one knows better than the locals. Get on social media to introduce yourself. Almost all nonprofit anglers are open to share knowledge. Several even offered to take me out to show me the ropes. Make sure you ask about best times to launch. These west coast waters can change in a heartbeat. (2) YouTube is a snitch. The people that won’t tell you how the locals do it tend to make a bunch of videos of them catching huge Yellowtail.  Plagiarize their fame. (3) Go to the tackle experts. Talk to everyone there. Start with Bullbuster for type of line (mono or braid). Move to hooks. (Circle vs J hooks). Then to rod & reel. It can be fun landing big fish on light tackle. But you could also end your day early when crap hits the fan. If anyone on here would like to get on the La Jolla waters feel free to hit me up at American Yakers on Facebook. I have extra gear to help with your move. 

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