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Topshoting With Mono And Its Applications

Author: Sandesh Sukhdeo

Why I Don't Use Straight Braid On My Reels

A few years ago I made the switch from mono to braid. I ran straight braid on all my reels for a while but then I read an article on using braid as backing and mono as your mainline. That was the invention of the top shot. I have 3 setups that I use with mono top shot. I have my shark setup, my grouper set up and I have my live bait set up.  A few advantages to using mono topshots are the extra abrasion resistance compared to mono, the ability to have a little bit of stretch which helps fight fish and the cost of mono is 5 times less than braid.

(See Mono Topshot Key To Success)

How I Spool My Shark Reels

My shark setup is a Shimano Tiagra 130w on a Barret Custom Shark rod. I have 1000 yards of  hollowcore and 750 yard of 130lb mono as my topshot.  I have only used this set up about 2 times and after every 3-4 big sharks I like to replace my mono.

                                              (A Shimano Tiagra 130)

How I Spool My Grouper Reels

My grouper set up is Okuma Solterra 50W with an Okuma Makira 7'6 XXH conventional rod. I use it for pier grouper fishing and bottom fishing. I have 300 yards of 50lb braid and a 200 yard topshot of 100lb bullbuster mono. I change my line out after 10 fish due to the fact I'm fishing so close to the structure.

How I Spool My Bait Reels

My live bait set up is a 8ft St. Croix Tidemaster XXH spinning rod with a Shimano Saragosa SW 10000. I have 250 yards of 30lb Bullbuster braid and 100 yards of Bullbuster 20lb mono. This helps add the give I need while fighting big fish as well as giving me more abrasion resistance to horse big fish from the bridge pillings.

The knot I use to connect all of my top shots would be an FG knot. It is very strong and low profile, therefore it passes through all the guides quite easilyImage result for fg knot  

                                               (The FG KNOT)

Tight lines and good luck

Sandesh Sukhdeo

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