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Top 5 Tides For Fishing Websites!

Author: Bullbuster Team

Websites To Use For Fishing Tides

Ask any fisherman what their top factors for getting a bite, and 9/10 times they will mention tides.  Tides are one of the most important factors when it comes to to fishing.  This article to covers the top five fishing tide websites. 


1) Tides4Fishing - 

As the name implies this website has tides specifically for fishing. The creators of this website put some thought into how to show you the tides in a way that would be useful for fishing. 


2) 20echo -

 This website helps you get a little bit more in depth than Tides 4 Fishing and actually helps you correlate more information with your actual catches. 


3) SaltWaterTides -

As the name implies, this website has tides available for a ton of salt water locations.  Choose your local area or somewhere you are planning to travel to. 


4) NOAA Tide Predictions -  

This is a pretty relevant source, since most if not all of the tide websites use NOAA's data to give you the tides. 


5) EzFshn

This website has a good list of tides for you to use for your fishing needs. 


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