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Top 5 Sailfish Destinations In The World

Author: Bullbuster Team

Best Destinations To Catch Sailfish

Sailfish Release
Photo of a sailfish about to be released courtesty of #BullbusterAmbassador Landshark Fishing

Below we cover the top 5 places to catch sailfish in the world. There are many places where sailfish can be caught, but these locations consistently produce.

  1. 1) South Florida 

  2. Sailfish South Florida

  3. Sailfish flags flying from the riggers of docked boats in the marina signify that the sailfish boat has been going off. Photo courtesty of Bullbuster Ambassador L&H Sportfishing.

  4. Sailfish can be caught year round in South Florida, however the winter and spring months tend to be the most productive with many boats hooking up on up to three fish at once when the bite is going off. 

  5. See Kite Fishing South Florida

  6. 2) Costa Rica

  7. Sailfish Costa Rica

  8. Los Suenos Marina Costa Rica
  9. Photo of Los Sueños by angler Zack Howell. 

  1. Costa Rica is well known for an excellent sailfish bite with with world class fishing out of  Los Sueños , Crocodile Bay, and Quepos. Pacific sailfish are often much larger than their atlantic cousins.  

  2. 3) Guatemala 

  3. Sailfish Guatemala
  4. Although the country is not always as secure as Costa Rica, the sailfish bite is out of this world.  More Sailfish can be caught here in a day than almost any other location in the world. 

  5. 3) The Florida Keys

  6. Sailfish Florida Keys
  7. The Florida keys has sailfish action up and down its coast with the World Sailfish Championship taking place in Key West every year.

  8. Sailfish Jumping
    #BullbusterAmbassador Flying Fish Charters getting ready to leader a lively sailfish.

  9. 4) Puerto Vallarta Mexico

  10. Sailfish Puerto Vallarta

Although famous for its tuna fishing, Puerto Vallarta has a healthy population of big sailfish that swim in Banderas Bay and beyond. 

5) Isla Mujeres, Mexico 

Sailfish Isla Mujeres

This is a top destination to catch tons of sailfish that are balling up on sardines!

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