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Top 5 Kayak Essentials For Fishing

Author: Team American Yaker - RIZZO

What Do You Need For Your Fishing Kayak?

Kayak Fishing

Lets talk about the top 5 items I keep on my kayak on any trip and why! The first item that I will not leave the house without has got to be my protective clothing. I am partial to Anetik performance clothing due to its light weight material and extreme breathability while offering uv protection on those harsh summer days when the sun is blasting. Nothing will ruin your day like getting sun burned and suffering for days after because you didn’t cover up! I typically will have an Anetik tech hoodie so that I can cover my upper body as well as the back of my neck while staying cool on those summer days. I also have a buff to cover my face and while wearing shorts is a great option for staying cool your legs that have been hiding under pants all winter will be susceptible to burns so I turn to an innovative option from Anetik and that’s the Shade sock! The best part about them is while your wearing them it doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything at all ! so you get the benefits of wearing shorts and have the uv protection of wearing pants.

 The second item I always have on my kayak has to be the line cutterz ring seeing that a large majority of fishermen have turned to using braided fishing lines the line cutterz ring is an awesome compact tool for cutting that braided line so you don’t have to worry about dropping your knife or having scissors on board just to cut your tag ends the ring will cut 100lb braid like butter so check these out if you don’t already have one!

    The third item will have to be a good pair of stainless or aluminum needle nose pliers because lets face it when you have that hook stuck in a fish’s mouth and its got teeth the last thing you want to have is a story of how you go bit by that toothy critter trying to get your hook back. I always turn to aluminum or stainless steel so that the saltwater doesn’t rust your pliers.

     Number four on my essentials list will have to be the fish grip. Having a pair of fish grips will not only save you time but allows you to grab even toothy fish without risk of being bit so it is a very useful tool to have on board while out chasing the big boys.  


And last but not least number 5 on my list polarized sunglasses. Having a good set of polarized sunglasses can make the difference in seeing a fish and letting it swim away not on your hook, not to mention protect your eyes from those sometimes blinding glares on the water from the sun. So go out and get you some good sunglasses to help assist you in finding that trophy fish on your next trip out. Hopefully you take some if not all of these items into consideration next time you are on the water and make them part of your essentials kit next time you leave the house.

--- American Yaker Nathan Menteer 

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