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Top 10 Items To Take With You When Going Camping

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By: Campinguide

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  Being prepared for everything is essential when you go camping. That is why by having all things organized you can have more time to enjoy nature and your overall stay at the park/beach.

  Doing a checklist is an easy and effective way to make sure you have everything you need with you at all times. Sure, the lists can vary depending on where you go camping, but you always have those 5-10 things that without exception you take with you.

  In Campinguide we decided to make a list of our top 10 favorite items to take with us.

10 Things To Bring Camping For Guys

  Here are Fer’s Top-10 items to take with him when going camping!


1.    Coleman Carabiner Deluxe ($7.48) they are always useful to hang lamps, wet clothing or any other item that you want to keep above ground label.  

2.    Farberware Edge-keeper Knife ($12.98) just because it’s an essential tool.

3.    Nylon Zip Ties ($5.65) to tie down objects together or to use in spaces where the rope is too big to fit.

4.    Energizer Headlamp ($16.77) Whenever you are working at night you can have your hands free. Cooking, setting the camp, etc

5.    American Tourists ($16.43) practical and clean travel bag to organize bathroom essential to keep them away from the elements.

6.    Heineken Beer (or any beer really) Ohhh! Self-explanatory

7.    Coleman Wind-Resistant Lighter ($13.80) Works to prepare ropes, start the fire and cook food!

8.    Kershaw Dividend, Pocket Knife ($29.99) Ideal handy compact knife!

9.    Duct Tape ($5.97) Just an amazing thing to have, it fixes everything.

10. Ozark Trail, Utility Line ($8.29) To secure load on your car. Great to make a clothesline to dry your wet clothes.

10 Things To Bring Camping For Girls

Now, heading into the feminine side of things, here are Yoyi’s top 10 items to take with her when going camping and why!

1.    Tata Harper’s Regenerating Cleanser ($84) to keep our face clean after a long day at the sun.

2.    Gigi Pip Hat ($94) because SPF isn’t enough, we need to be sure to have full coverage.

3.    Coleman XL Sleeping Bag ($85.90) we use it on top of the air mattress to make it comfier.

4.    Energizer Headlamp ($16.77) because you have to be able to see where you are stepping at night and be able to do things with your hands.

5.    Tata Harper’s Very Flashy Blush ($39) to look cute but natural.

6.    Base Camp Duffel from The North Face ($169) It has the perfect size to take with me as many things as I believe I need.

7.    Diva Cup ($33.11) for those times of the month and still being eco-conscious.

8.    Colorful Socks ($3.99) to be comfortable all the times, long socks help you get rid of unwanted mosquitos. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

9.    Contigo 16 Oz. ($15.31) to keep me hydrated all day long (with water or beer)

10.  Reusable Ozark Trail ($6.76) to help reduce landfill waste and use it as many times as I want.

Let us know what are your essential items when you camp. To make it more easy, we decided to create an Amazon shopping list for you!! Also, don't forget to check us on instagram

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