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Tips For Surf Fishing In Texas

Author: Jeff Reyes

Learn How Far You Need To Cast Your Bait On Texas Beaches

Sometimes you get bored while waiting for a shark to pick up the big baits, fishing between the sandbars can produce a variety of fish, such as redfish,  drums, whitings, jacks and even smaller sharks. 

Fishing The "Wade Gut"

A Texas beach usually has 3 or more sandbars with a “Gut” in between each bar. Wade gut is where you'll find most of your smaller fish mixed in with other fish such as small pups or bullreds. If you're bait fishing the wade gut, the best thing to do is use shrimp and fish bites. Whitings, rat reds, slot reds, small drums, and croakers is what'll mostly be caught. 

Fishing For Drum & Croakers From Texas Beaches

Fishing The "First Gut" 

Depending on where you fish or when you're fishing the first gut will hold a variety of your bigger fish. This is where you would try to cast your cut baits. Sharks, jacks, stingrays, reds is what you'll mostly catch here. The better choice of baits would be cut mullet, whiting, and crabs.

Fishing The Second and Third Gut 

This is where you want to do your short drops for sharks. Second and third gut is where you'll find your bigger sharks. I wouldn't necessarily use big baits here, smaller sized baits will probably produce more fish here. If you're catching bait fish like whitings, drums, or gafftops I would suggest using them for baits here. 

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