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Author: Sanibel Offshore Fishing Charters

Fishing For Tiger Sharks Offshore Sanibel,FL

Tiger Shark Offshore Sanibel

Of the Shark species that inhabit the waters offshore of Southwest Florida's Barrier Islands, the Tiger Shark is probably my favorite to pursue with my charter clients. Visit my profile. 

Tiger Shark's will eat allot of different baits but the best bait in my opinion are extra large stingrays fished alive and suspended below a large crab trap float. Chum is important too, make your own, buy a sausage grinder and some starboard and you can mount it in a rod holder and grind away!

As far as tackle is concerned I only use Barrett Rods which are built for the task matched with Penn International 80 VSW. 

I love the Bullbuster monofilament and I have had great success with a few different pound test lines from 80-125, currently I have 125 pound mono on my Tiger Shark rigs and it seems to be about perfect. Hooks need to be super duty extra strong circle hooks, Mustad is the best brand overall. Leader is multi strand wire 400-600# test crimped to a super duty swivel and made in about 20 ft length. 

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