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Tie The Knots You Will Need (Send Us Your Knot Video)

Author: Bullbuster Team

There are a ton of knots out there!  

 Luckily in the age of the internet  there are plenty of resources out there that to help you learn how to tie them and what each knot is good at.  We have decided to curate a few of our favorite knots and instructional videos here that we think may be most useful to you.  Send us your favorite knot video for a chance to be featured in this article  & win some fishing line to!

Essential Knots:  

Uni-Knot:  We believe that this is one of the most essential knots to know in fishing. The uni-knot is not only strong, but it is versatile.  It works well with braid, mono, and fluorocarbon, and can be used for line to line connections (See the double-uni knot).  Below is a great video put together by the Technical Fisherman, check out his youtube channel, it is very informative. According his testing, the uni-knot has 85-90% knot strength. 

Uni To Uni Knot AKA "Double Uni Knot":  If you have the uni-knot down pat, this knot is an easy progression since it it simply putting two uni-knots together.  We think that the Technical Angler also put together a great video for this knot. 


Good Braid To Mono Knots 

The  Simplified FG Knot :   The FG knot does look pretty badass, but sometimes you need an extremely strong knot that is a little faster to tie. Check out this great video on the simplified FG Knot. This is a knot that works really well for braid to mono connections and can handle heavy drag, it is therefore a favorite of big game fishermen. Below is a great instructional video on how to tie a FG Knot put together by the IGFA. 

Mono To Leader Knots:

The Bristol Knot:  The bristol knot is a favorite of light tackle kite fishermen.  It is easy to tie, holds up well and can be cut to have very little tag end which allows you to put reel it in and out of your or cast really easily.   The video below was put together by the IGFA's Adrian Grey. 

Knot For Mono To Wire:

The Albright Knot:  The albright knot is a great knot if you don't want to use swivels for a mono to single strand wire connection. The Bullbuster Team uses it when fishing for wahoo on pangas, or when making a last second shark fishing trip.   We have included two albright videos but would definitely be willing to send a leader material spool to any one who can create one that is more focused and zoomed in on the knot itself and hands.  (Send an e-mail to

The first video is by Capt. Ross Robertson 

The second video on tying the Albright is by 

How To Tie A Bimini Twist: 

Check out this video on how to tie a quick bimini twist in less than 30 seconds by "Stoked On Fishing" . 

What Are The Best Knots For Braid To Fluorocarbon Connections?

How To Tie The Alberto Knot (Great Knot For Braid To Fluorocarbon):

This knot is very similar to the albright knot and is a great knot for holding braid on fluorocarbon which is much harder to get a good knot on when compared to mono. Check out this video posted by "SaltWaterExperience".

The  Sebile Knot t (Very similar to the FG Knot & GT Knot & Very Good For Braid To Fluoro)

This knot is an amazing knot for braid to fluorocarbon.  It is extremely smooth to go through your guides very easily.  This knot takes some time to learn, so take your time and practice it before trying to fish it.  Check out the video below on how to tie it posted by "SaltWater Experience".

How To Tie A "J Knot"   (Great For Fluorocarbon To Light Braid)

This video shows you how to tie the J-Knot. This video is a quick and easy, yet very strong and durable knot for tying fluorocarbon to light braid.  Take a look at the great video below prepared by "Salt Water Experience"

Show us how to tie your favorite knot for a chance to win $300 worth of Bullbuster fishing lines or gear!  

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