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Tie A Double Uni Knot

Author: Bullbuster Team

Learn How To Tie A Double Uni Knot Quick!

The double uni knot or (uni-knot tied twice) is one of the most important knots in fishing.  

Learn the basics with the uni-knot. 

It is:

1) The best knot for braid to fluorocarbon connections

2) The best knot for braid to leader connections

     If you want to more in depth on knots for braid to leader

3) The best knot for monofilament to leader connections

4) The best knot for monofilament to fluorocarbon connections

If your goal is to spend more time fishing, learn this knot and you won't need the rest. 

 How To Tie The Double Uni-Knot

The uni-knot is one of the simplest and fastest knots to tie for braid to mono connections it is also one of the most reliable knots.  Below is a video from the Technical Anglers youtube channel showing how to tie it.  According to him the uni-knot has 85%-90% knot strength. 

Why The Double Uni Knot Is The Best Knot For Braid To Fluorocarbon Leader Connections:

1) This Knot Is Strong!

The uni knot has a rating of 85%-90% strength.

2) This Knot Is Easy To Tie The Right Way!

The uni knot is very easy to tie, unlike the the FG Knot which can get much weaker if you make mistakes tying it. 

3) This Knot Is Easy To Remember!

Since there are so few steps to remember to tie this knot, it is actually pretty easy to remember.  You are here to spend more time fishing not tie tie the prettiest knot. 

We have tons of articles on tying fishing knots. Go check em out! 

Check out our article ( Guide To Tying Fishing Knots) for more information on how to tie knots for different applications.  Other than that, we hope we are helping you spend more time fishing with our brand direct fishing lines.

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